Thanks Robin

Robin supported us with training and tools.

Robin is one of our friends who has supported us with training and tools to support our skills center.

Shallot who reported yesterday to acquire more skills in Tailoring was happy to find a brand new Tailoring machine for her self on addition to the Kitenge that she will design soon.

Nyabuhikye Catholic Parish

Training Youths at Nyabuhikye Catholic Parish.

Our skills focal person (Amooti ) spent the last two days training girls youths at Nyabuhikye Catholic Parish.

The Youth were carrying out their conference but contributed over 150, 000 for materials purchase.

As results, young people were train d in reusable Pads making
Candle making
Liquid soap making

We selected 3 young people to join our Marianne Industry cottage as we focus on Skilling to solve unemployment.

You can support us by procuring training materials or helping a woman establish home based industry. For details, inbox us.