With Funding from Light my Fire, we have trained Young girls in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement in making their own pads. a total of 2000 pads have been made and destributed it the Rwamwanja Refugee settlemnet. 10 girls have been trained in sewing.


Global Development Group

Global Development Group is providing 50,000 AUD Aid to help in running of Marianne Foundation Empowerment program.

The project offers aid that will offer the foolowing

Creation of sustainable employment opportunities for 100 out-of-school girls aged 14-30 years for Livelihoods Improvement through skills training by June 30th 2024   

To contribute to improved health conditions of women and children with a view to enable their households get out of poverty by increasing access to maternal and child health services as well as general medical services to the community.

To end the lack of access to menstrual health products and to increase knowledge about reproductive health and menstruation by 45% in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement through development of a pads production centre and implementing educational components by June 30th2024.

The project will also construct a health Center at Kabujogera in Rural Uganda.