Events & Updates

A detailed article about the story of Marianne Foundation features on the Ug Post website

Monday 4th of October 2021 04:45:10 PM

Marianne Foundation appeared in a very informative article on the UGPOST website (www.theugpost.com). This article...

Masks made by Girls at Marianne Skills Center being distributed at Rwamwanja settlement

Monday 20th of September 2021 01:25:08 PM

Marianne Foundation is fighting hard to reduce the spread of covid19 at the same time empowering...

Marianne Empowerment project at Kakaasi Parish

Friday 10th of September 2021 10:36:24 AM

Marianne Empowerment project: On July 30th, 2021, we met women leaders at Kakaasiiii Parish.


Our Youth make pads and packaging paper bags to celebrate International Youth Day

Friday 10th of September 2021 10:26:41 AM

International Youths day:

"Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution...

Distribution of pads at Rwamwanja settlement

Friday 10th of September 2021 10:15:58 AM

As it is our purpose to Serve to change lives Marianne foundation did pads distribution...

COVID RESPONSE: Destribution of hand washing facilities to the Rwamwanja refugee settlement

Friday 10th of September 2021 09:49:03 AM

COVID19 RESPONSE: With Support From European Union, through Search for Common Ground, our Foundation has...

The visit of Pro Development Initiative Uganda

Friday 10th of September 2021 09:28:35 AM

5 Year strategic plan Development continues. We hosted Pro Development Initiative Uganda, to modulate strategic...